*Please note that each service has it's own pricing and for accurate pricing, you will to come to the shop to try on your item(s).  Any price quoted over the phone/email is considered an ESTIMATE ONLY. 

If you need more clarification on what each service entails, please contact us*

HEM (to lengthen or shorten the edge of the garment such as the pant leg, bottom of skirt/dress, coat, etc.)

Pants                                                  $16.00 and Up; With Cuff is $25.00 and Up

Skirts                                                  $20.00 and Up

Dresses                                              $20.00 and Up

Coat                                                    $30.00 and Up


WAIST (to increase or decrease the waist area including buttocks. i.e. due to weight gain or loss in the waist area)

Pants                                                  $16.00 and Up

Skirts                                                  $20.00 and Up


SLEEVES (to shorten, lengthen, add or remove any part of the sleeves)

Blouse                                                $20.00 and Up

Coats                                                  $30.00 and Up

Raincoats                                           $30.00 and Up

Shirts                                                  $20.00 and Up


TAPERING and SIDE SEAMS (to take in the sides of the garment or decrease/increase the pant leg sides, torso sides, under arms, hips--basically any side expansion or reduction)

Coats                                                  $35.00 and Up

Leather Coats                                    $45.00 and Up

Dresses                                              $35.00 and Up

Pants                                                  $35.00 and Up

Skirt                                                    $25.00 and Up

Vest                                                    $25.00 and Up



Zippers                                               $20.00-$30.00

Raise neck                                          $30.00 and Up

Armhole (Outerwear- Coat, Jacket, Blazer, etc.)                                $30.00 and Up

Take up Shoulder (Men’s Outerwear- Coat, Jacket, Blazer, etc.)        $100.00 and Up

**Please stop by for more accurate pricing**

For all other services, please call us at 601.956.9739