*Please note that each service has it's own pricing.  If you need more clarification on what each service entails, please contact us*

HEM (to lengthen or shorten the edge of the garment such as the pant leg, bottom of skirt/dress, coat, etc.)

Pants                                                  $12.00 and Up; With Cuff is $14.00 and Up

Skirts                                                  $20.00 and Up

Dresses                                               $20.00 and Up

Coat                                                    $25.00 and Up


WAIST (to increase or decrease the waist area including buttocks. i.e. due to weight gain or loss in the waist area)

Pants                                                  $15.00 and Up

Skirts                                                  $18.00 and Up


SLEEVES (to shorten, lengthen, add or remove any part of the sleeves)

Blouse                                               $16.00 and Up

Coats                                                  $20.00 and Up

Raincoats                                           $25.00 and Up

Shirts                                                  $20.00 and Up


TAPERING and SIDE SEAMS (to take in the sides of the garment or decrease/increase the pant leg sides, torso sides, under arms, hips--basically any side expansion or reduction)

Coats                                                  $30.00 and Up

Leather Coats                                   $40.00 and Up

Dresses                                             $20.00 and Up

Pants                                                  $20.00 and Up

Skirt                                                    $20.00 and Up

Vest                                                    $20.00 and Up



Zippers                                               $16.00-$35.00

Raise neck                                         $30.00 and Up

Armhole (Coats)                                $25.00 and Up

Take up Shoulder(Men’s Coat)         $100.00 and Up

**Please stop by for more accurate pricing**

For all other services, please call us at 601.956.9739